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Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper for Python version 3 available
Orekit Python Wrapper is now working on the latest Python 3 version.
Added by Petrus Hyvönen 11 days ago

Stavor: Stavor released as free software
Added by Redmine Admin 5 months ago

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper version 8.0 released
Added by Petrus Hyvönen 9 months ago

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit python wrapper version 7.1 released
This is based on the orekit 7.1 release: https://www.orekit.org/news/2016/02/07/orekit-7.1-released.html
Added by Petrus Hyvönen about 1 year ago

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper version 7.0 released
Added by Petrus Hyvönen over 2 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Socis 2015 (2015-05-22 17:08)

    SOCIS project to add propagation in arbitrary frames.

  • Orekit website 2015 (2015-01-11 11:29)

    New Orekit website, based on Jekyll (a static website generator) and Bootstrap (a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework).

  • Stavor (2014-09-22 11:27)

    Simulate simple space missions or enhance your space mission simulations with more intuitive and complete results thanks to the visualizations of this application.

    Stavor allows you to learn and teach about space mechanics in new-generation devices, mobile and tactile. ...

  • satcor (Deprecated) (2014-09-22 11:26)
  • Rugged (2014-07-02 17:34)

    Rugged is an add-on for Orekit handling Digital Elevation Models contribution to line of sight computation. It is a free software intermediate-level library written in Java.

    It mainly provides direct and inverse location, i.e. it allows to compute accurately which ground point is looked at from a specific pixel in a spacecraft instrument, and conversely which pixel will see a specified ground point. This mapping between ground and sensor is computed with a viewing model taking into account ground Digital Elevation Model, Earth rotation will all its tiny irregularities, on-board sensor pixels individual line-of-sights, spacecraft motion and attitude and several physical effects....