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479OrekitBugNewNormalPropagators not documented as thread-safe2018-06-20 12:04
478OrekitBugResolvedNormalDSST Third Body Sun Perturbation leads to hyperbolic trajectory2018-06-19 16:49
477OrekitBugNewNormalMissing Documentation GeodeticPoint2018-06-15 18:09
476OrekitBugResolvedNormalFix generics in EventEnablingPredicateFilter2018-06-12 22:16
475OrekitBugNewNormalShort circuit BooleanDetector2018-06-11 16:49
474OrekitFeatureNewNormalAdd support for version 3 of CCSDS Orbit Data Messages2018-06-04 13:32
473OrekitBugResolvedNormalRaDecAngular Measurement Bug?Maxime Journot2018-06-01 17:14
472OrekitFeatureNewNormalAdd support for Hatanaka compact RINEX formatLuc Maisonobe2018-05-31 22:07
448OrekitBugNewNormalNew ICGEM format with piecewise-linear cofficients for gravity fields is not supported2018-05-14 14:22
403OrekitFeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd a provider generating process noise increasing in time, for better Kalman filtering2018-04-27 11:25
402Orekit python wrapperSupportNewNormalExecution on MacOS2018-06-06 11:06
389OrekitBugNewNormalChange type parameter of AbstractDetector to T extends AbstractDetector<T>2018-03-07 17:48
372OrekitFeatureNewNormalAdd TLE generation2018-03-06 12:52
371RuggedBugResolvedNormalParameters reversed in SensorToGroundMapping constructorLuc Maisonobe2017-12-21 17:11
367OrekitFeatureNewNormalAdd covariance to OEM writers2017-10-20 20:22
359OrekitBugNewNormalIssues in orbit determination when selecting the central attraction coefficient as a parameter to estimateMaxime Journot2017-08-29 16:33
351OrekitBugNewNormalPartialDerivativesEquations does not work with non-Cartesian elements2017-08-11 15:57
242RuggedBugNewNormalInverseLocation: maybe inappropriate use of coarse threshold in SensorPixelCrossing2016-05-24 15:35
235Orekit python wrapperBugResolvedNormal'CelestialBody' does not have 'getPVCoordinates'2016-04-06 11:47
199OrekitBugNewLowimprove eclipse event handling in DSST Solar Radiation Pressure2015-04-30 19:26
186RuggedFeatureNewNormalAllow user customization of terrain masking influence in inverse location2015-01-13 10:16
185RuggedFeatureNewNormalAdd refraction model2015-01-13 10:07
177Socis 2014 demoSupportNewHighAsking for suggestions2014-08-11 13:12
109Socis 2012 androidBugNewNormalproblem in old code Fabio Nigi2012-08-14 11:08
68Socis 2011BugNewLowandroid 3 only?2012-01-26 13:12

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