Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper version 9.0 released (3 comments)

Added by Petrus Hyvönen 8 months ago

The python wrapped version of orekit 9.0 is now available, containing all the updates in the orekit 9.0 java version. The pure source code is available in the repo but I strongly recommend to use conda packages if possible, it can sometimes be tricky to get all the wrapping to compile. The new version is automatically built for windows, mac and linux for python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6 and placed on the conda-forge channel.

The new conda package is depending on the JCC package that will automatically be installed and has scripts that sets the needed environment variables when the conda environment is activated. Note that this means that external scripts needs to activate the conda environment prior to running python or by using "conda-wrappers". This gives a cleaner interaction with the environment than then 8.0 version that would affect PATH variables on windows.

To install orekit python in anaconda, type:

conda install -c conda-forge orekit

Packages for manual download are available at:

Limited documentation and examples for the wrapper is available at:

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper for Python version 3 available (4 comments)

Added by Petrus Hyvönen about 1 year ago

The Orekit Python Wrapper is now available also for Python version 3, with pre-built conda packages for Python 3.5 and 3.6. The current build is based on orekit version 8.

The development of the Python 3 version was highly depending on the development of the wrapping tool JCC. Many thanks goes to the pylucene / JCC team for their work.

Conda packages can be found at:

Stavor: Stavor released as free software (1 comment)

Added by Redmine Admin over 1 year ago

CS announces the immediate availability of its visualisation application Stavor as free software (released under the permissive open source license Apache v2.0).

Stavor allows to visualize the attitude and orbit information of a spacecraft in 2D or 3D views. The views are designed to help experts to understand fine parameters of the spacecraft state. To achieve this goal, Stavor provides classical views like a mercator projection with trajectory and visibility circles or a 3D view of the trajectory around its celestial body. But it also provides a 3D view dedicated to visualize attitude problems where celestial
bodies are drawn around the spacecraft, with the possibility to display the evolution of many geometrical properties like angles between vectors or between planes.

Concerning technical aspects, Stavor is designed to work in new generation devices, mobile and tactile. Current version supports Android and future versions will support desktop and web based environments.

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper version 8.0 released (1 comment)

Added by Petrus Hyvönen almost 2 years ago

This release of the python wrapper for orekit is based on orekit version 8.0, providing a near-identical interface to orekit in python v2.7 as in java.

Information about the orekit 8.0 release is available at:

This new orekit version depends on the Hipparchus mathematical library instead of the previous Apache Commons Math.
With this change, Java version 8 is required.

The easiest way to install the orekit python wrapper is likely in the anaconda python v2.7 distribution where pre-built packages are made for linux, windows-64 bit and mac. The conda packages are available at:

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit python wrapper version 7.1 released (1 comment)

Added by Petrus Hyvönen about 2 years ago

This is a python-wrapped version of the orekit 7.1 release version.

The repository is updated with minor changes on the python side and a few new test cases when building the conda package.

The easiest way to install this is likely by using the anaconda python distribution where pre-built packages are available at:

Orekit python wrapper: Orekit Python Wrapper version 7.0 released

Added by Petrus Hyvönen over 3 years ago

This release of the Python wrapper for orekit is based on the Orekit 7.0 version.

The new features introduced in version 7.0 are:
• the complete DSST semi-analytical propagator with short-periodics terms (only mean elements were available in previous version),
• extension to second order derivatives for many models (Cartesian coordinates, angular coordinates, attitude modes, …),
• bilinear interpolator in Saastamoinen model,
• attitude overriding during impulsive maneuvers,
• general relativity force model,
• geographic zone detector,
• ecliptic frame.
Several bugs have been fixed. One noteworthy fix concerns an inconsistency in Eckstein-Hechler propagator velocity, which leads to a change of the generated orbit type.
Version 7.0 depends on Apache Commons Math 3.4.1.

The 7.0 Python wrapper is based on this release, and includes some changes:
• With the new 7.0 architecture of specific event handlers such as ElevationDetector, subclassing is no longer required and thus no specific wrapper classes are needed. Python wrappers for these classes are removed.
• Python test cases for all the wrapper classes
• A conda package recipe is included in the distro


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