Orekit Python Wrapper version 9.2 released

Orekit Python Wrapper version 9.2 released, containing the updates in the main orekit 9.2 version.
Added by Petrus Hyvönen 8 months ago

The python wrapped version of orekit 9.2 is now available, containing all the updates in the orekit 9.2 java version. The pure source code is available in the repo but I strongly recommend to use conda packages if possible, it can sometimes be tricky to get all the wrapping to compile. The new version is automatically built for windows, mac and linux for python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6 and placed on the conda-forge orekit channel.

For the orekit 9.2 release a patched JCC 3.0 conda package is created, solving some bugs in the interrupt handling.

The new conda package is depending on the JCC package that will automatically be installed and has scripts that sets the needed environment variables when the conda environment is activated. Note that this means that external scripts needs to activate the conda environment prior to running python or by using "conda-wrappers".

To install orekit python in anaconda, type:

conda install -c conda-forge orekit


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