Orekit Python Wrapper version 7.0 released

Added by Petrus Hyvönen over 3 years ago

This release of the Python wrapper for orekit is based on the Orekit 7.0 version.

The new features introduced in version 7.0 are:
• the complete DSST semi-analytical propagator with short-periodics terms (only mean elements were available in previous version),
• extension to second order derivatives for many models (Cartesian coordinates, angular coordinates, attitude modes, …),
• bilinear interpolator in Saastamoinen model,
• attitude overriding during impulsive maneuvers,
• general relativity force model,
• geographic zone detector,
• ecliptic frame.
Several bugs have been fixed. One noteworthy fix concerns an inconsistency in Eckstein-Hechler propagator velocity, which leads to a change of the generated orbit type.
Version 7.0 depends on Apache Commons Math 3.4.1.

The 7.0 Python wrapper is based on this release, and includes some changes:
• With the new 7.0 architecture of specific event handlers such as ElevationDetector, subclassing is no longer required and thus no specific wrapper classes are needed. Python wrappers for these classes are removed.
• Python test cases for all the wrapper classes
• A conda package recipe is included in the distro