OREKIT is a free low level space dynamics library written in Java. It provides basic elements (orbits, dates, attitude, frames, ...) and various algorithms to handle them (conversions, analytical and numerical propagation, pointing, ...).

The Git repository can be cloned using the command:

git clone http://www.orekit.org/git/orekit

Please consult the FAQ page (Where can I find the source code repository?) for more details.

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Latest news

Orekit 6.1 released
Version 6.1 is a minor release of Orekit. It introduces several new features and bug fixes.
Added by Luc Maisonobe 4 months ago

Orekit 6.0 released
The Orekit team is pleased to announce that version 6.0 of Orekit has been released today.
Added by Pascal Parraud 12 months ago

OREKIT Labs: a place for companion projects based on OREKIT
The OREKIT Labs has just opened with a first contribution for Orbit Determination provided by Telespazio.
Added by Pascal Parraud over 1 year ago

Summer 2012: open governance for OREKIT
Added by Pascal Parraud over 1 year ago

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