OREKIT Labs is a place for projects based on OREKIT and provided by OREKIT users who want to share their work with the community under the same license condition.

The aim is to provide a central place to promote the innovative power of OREKIT in order to further the community's growth.


As user's contributions to the OREKIT library are submitted to the OREKIT PMC agreement and must fulfill strict criteria, this place can be seen as an incubator for noteworthy contributions before they can be integrated into the OREKIT library or before they can met a community to go their own way.


The likely projects can be (not restricted):

  • Contributions to OREKIT not mature enough or out-of-scope, according to the OREKIT team, that deserve to be submitted to the community
  • Contributions on top of OREKIT, like companion libraries or programs, not intended to be part of OREKIT
  • Miscellaneous, for example smart use cases, training manual...


  • Every contribution from users must be submitted to the OREKIT team.
  • The OREKIT team will analyze the work and, according to current policy, may offer to publish it in the OREKIT Labs.
  • If the user accepts its contribution to appear on the OREKIT Labs, he will be asked to sign a SGA(Software Grant Agreement) for its work to be published.
  • Contributions will be provided as is on the OREKIT Labs, the OREKIT team won't provide any support to these projects, but strongly encourages the community to comment.