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Petrus Hyvönen, 2016-04-13 13:23


From pre-made packages

The easiest way to install the Orekit Python Wrapper module in python is to use pre-made packages for an existing python distribution such as Anaconda

Orekit and JCC packages has been made for Anaconda and can then be installed by:

conda install -c jcc
conda install -c orekit

For the JCC module a Java Development Kit (JDK) needs to be installed and the variable JCC_JDK needs to be set to that location. For Windows the java path needs also to be in the PATH variable. For example:

set JCC_JDK=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_35
set PATH=%JCC_JDK%\jre\bin\client;%JCC_JDK%\bin;%JCC_JDK%\lib;%PATH%

If the conda orekit package is used on MS windows, the package will if no variables are set try to access a java-jdk as installed by conda install -c java-jdk

From Source

Installation from source requires to build a jar of the Orekit library including the python wrapper classes. This jar is then fed to the JCC tool, which builds the actual python wrapper together with some helper files. The process is described in the INSTALL.txt file in the repository.

The git repository for orekit is located at: