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16:56 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
Solved in git repository (see commit:a463d586).
The solution I came up with is similar, it uses a dedicated method f...
Luc Maisonobe
16:55 Revision a463d586: Fixed formatting of very smell values in TLE lines.
Fixes issue #77 Luc Maisonobe
14:54 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
I was already working on it, see the code below that formats a double according to the exponential notation defined i... Thomas Neidhart
14:49 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
OK, I'll take care of this. Luc Maisonobe
10:55 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
ok that's fine for me too, this means that the representable number range is extended to [=-] 0.1 x 10-13, numbers s... Thomas Neidhart
10:51 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
I would prefer to use something akin to progressive underflow, just like IEEE754 does with subnormals.
So 0.13028e-1...
Luc Maisonobe


21:51 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
The wrongly formatted field refers to the second derivative of the mean motion, which is in most cases anyway equal t... Thomas Neidhart


19:24 Bug #77 (Feedback): Generation of TLE
Petrus Hyvönen
17:54 Bug #74 (Closed): Wrong formatting of epoch in TLE.buildLine1
Fixed in r4427c298. Thomas Neidhart
17:53 Revision 4427c298: Fixed formatting of TLE epoch (fixes bug #74).
Thomas Neidhart
16:01 Bug #75 (Closed): CelestialBody instances created from differently configured JPLEphemeridesLoade...
Thomas Neidhart
15:09 Bug #74 (Closed): Wrong formatting of epoch in TLE.buildLine1
Thomas Neidhart
09:35 Feature #23 (Closed): planetary ephemeris
Very good, thanks Thomas.
We should add a reference to Calceph (and of course IMCCE and Mickaël Gastineau) in the ...
Luc Maisonobe


22:27 Feature #23 (Closed): planetary ephemeris
The attached file DExxx_support.patch contains a patch to support more recent JPL DExxx ephemerides files.
It cont...
Thomas Neidhart


17:10 Revision 7fdc4fa9: Fixed wrong javadoc.
Luc Maisonobe
13:59 Revision 27db2909: Synchronized Orekit with latest Apache Commons Math changes.
Luc Maisonobe


09:11 Feature #34 (New): Getting the acceleration computed by a ForceModel
In fact, I like Thomas approach. We also know nothing about Yannick team working on this since he did not provide the... Luc Maisonobe


21:45 Feature #34 (New): Getting the acceleration computed by a ForceModel
Ok, I was not aware that you worked yourself already on this issue, but it was a good exercise for myself to learn mo... Thomas Neidhart
16:53 Feature #34 (New): Getting the acceleration computed by a ForceModel
Thanks Thomas.
In fact this issue covers two slightly different needs :
- we want to compute accelerations, for e...
Yannick Tanguy
16:02 Feature #34 (New): Getting the acceleration computed by a ForceModel
The attached patch adds the proposed computeAcceleration method to the ForceModel interface and implements it for all... Thomas Neidhart


14:34 Bug #58 (Closed): Bug in the inner class UmbraDetector (main class : SolarRadiationPressure)
Yannick Tanguy
10:15 Feature #29 (Closed): Atmospheric/Earth Magnetic field models
The contributions have been committed to the branch earth-models and are ready for a final review before commit to ma... Thomas Neidhart


23:49 Bug #33 (Closed): Fix UTCScale threading issue
Changed according to the proposal in git repository (see commit:cdd9ef00).
Could you please check if this fixes the ...
Thomas Neidhart
22:18 Revision cdd9ef00: Fixed performance issues for UTCScale when used from multiple threads (fixes b...
Thomas Neidhart
22:17 Revision f4950768: small fix in test case to use an explicit gravity potential coefficient file
Thomas Neidhart
20:48 Revision f1dfb9cd: Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'origin'
Thomas Neidhart
11:24 Revision 3a2f8f2d: Fixed error messages.
Luc Maisonobe


16:51 Revision bb173cb9: Moved osculating parameters fitter from tutorial to the library itself.
Luc Maisonobe


21:58 Revision e1ee8565: Added J2 effect on small maneuvers model.
Luc Maisonobe


21:57 Revision ecc7c009: Fixed attitudeProvider field masking in IntegratedEphemeris.
The field was declared private in both IntegratedEphemeris and in its
base class. The getAttitudeProvider methods ret...
Luc Maisonobe


17:37 Bug #33 (Closed): Fix UTCScale threading issue
If the UTCTAIOffset[] offsets is shared between all instances of UTCScale (making current the only unique field in th... Matthew O'Connor
08:49 Bug #33 (Closed): Fix UTCScale threading issue
I like Thomas solution very much.
I can confirm the internal data never changes after initialization, only the cache...
Luc Maisonobe


21:50 Bug #33 (Closed): Fix UTCScale threading issue
I have looked a bit in this issue and wanted to discuss another possible solution for it:
use a prototype pattern ...
Thomas Neidhart
21:13 Revision f8529699: fixed comment indentation for referenced formula
Thomas Neidhart
21:03 Revision 8a0f3a78: added unit tests for time transformation of geomagnetic fields
Thomas Neidhart
21:03 Revision 7eea6b50: added more custom error messages for geomagnetic fields
Thomas Neidhart
10:39 Revision 3d89f79a: Allow different input files for phasing tutorial.
Improved trace messages, taking care to warn user the final orbit is
Luc Maisonobe


19:22 Revision 1bd7f07b: added custom error messages for geomagnetic models
Thomas Neidhart
18:52 Revision 1784804e: Added frozen eccentricity adjustment to phasing tutorial.
Luc Maisonobe
14:09 Revision e5506ca5: Create the output file in the same directory as the input file.
Luc Maisonobe


18:24 Revision 092fa474: updated changes.xml with added models
Thomas Neidhart
18:23 Revision 8e21f020: fixed checkstyle warning related to trailing whitespaces
Thomas Neidhart
18:23 Revision 134c25a2: added geomagnetic field model
Thomas Neidhart
18:22 Revision 17ef37b4: added tropospheric delay models
Thomas Neidhart


21:42 Revision dbef6ad8: Added a tutorial to compute Earth phased, Sun synchronous orbits.
Luc Maisonobe
15:41 Revision cd363a66: Made Greenwich mean and apparent sidereal time publicly visible.
Made equation of equinoxes sidereal time publicly visible. Luc Maisonobe
15:37 Revision 53b3b1db: Fixed error messages inconsistencies.
Luc Maisonobe


23:32 Revision cc742a3e: added more german translations for error messages
Thomas Neidhart
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