Getting the sources

Released versions

In order to get the source for officially released versions, go to the Files tab in Orekit forge and select one of the files. The x.y part in the name specifies the version. If this is the first time you download the library and you have not yet set up your own data set with UTC-TAI history, JPL ephemerides, IERS Earth Orientation Parameters ... you may want to also download the file which is an example file suitable for a quick start (see configuration for further reading about data configuration).

Development version

The development of the Orekit project is done using the Git source code control system. Orekit Git master repository is available online.

  • you can browse it using the Repository tab in Orekit forge
  • you can clone it anonymously with the command:

    git clone
  • if you are a committer, you can clone it using your ssh credentials with the command:

    git clone ssh://