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Simulate simple space missions or enhance your space mission simulations with more intuitive and complete results thanks to the visualizations of this application.

Stavor allows you to learn and teach about space mechanics in new-generation devices, mobile and tactile.

Stavor stands for Spacecraft Three-dimensional Attitude Visualization using Orekit library. It is an application for smart-phones and tablets used to visualize the attitude and orbit information of a simulated spacecraft in a simple three-dimensional/cartographic environment.

The simulator included in the application is powered by the open-source library Orekit. There is a list of available missions where you can create and modify your space missions. In addition, the visualization module can be connected to an external simulator through a network using sockets. The information expected to be received is the serialized Orekit object SpacecraftState, which includes all the information of the simulated spacecraft.

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