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18:38 Orekit Revision 73a61567 (orekit-main): Restored usage of finite differences for the computation of drag...
It is indeed much faster than automatic differentiation for this force.
Additionnaly, only the derivativ...


17:56 Orekit Revision 2ef6d52b (orekit-main): Corrected the way the new azimuth is computed in angular
ionospheric/tropospheric modifiers.
The azimuth computation is now consistent with the one in AngularAzEl
16:37 Orekit Revision 4501045a (orekit-main): Added myself as a developer


16:52 Orekit Revision d918de4f (orekit-main): Improved test coverage.


22:36 socis 2017 Orekit Revision da7a64a8: Added parsing of XML version of CCSDS TDM files.
22:36 Orekit Revision da7a64a8 (orekit-main): Added parsing of XML version of CCSDS TDM files.
21:57 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 533de593: Whitespace.
21:56 socis 2017 Orekit Revision c217fa97: Improved javadoc.
21:55 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 502d74e9: Added right ascension and declination angular measurements.
21:54 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 61a3f67f: Improved accuracy of azimuth/elevation derivatives.

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