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10:25 Orekit Revision 9862be99 (orekit-main): Univariate process noise - Fixed a bug in array definition.
Also added getters for private attributes.
Still pending a junit test for validation.


16:31 Orekit Bug #449 (Resolved): Event detection not switched off when out of propagation range
Fixed de-activation of event detection in in AbstractIntegratedPropagator class.
In the propagate(startDate, endDa...
16:08 Orekit Revision ddbeb2e3 (orekit-main): Merge branch 'issue-449' into develop
16:08 Orekit Revision e802d16b (orekit-main): Fixed de-activation of event detection in propagators.
In the propagate(startDate, endDate) function of class
"AbstractIntegratedPropagator", for dates out of the time inte...
12:01 Orekit Bug #449 (Resolved): Event detection not switched off when out of propagation range
According to the Javadoc of method "propagate(AbsoluteDate start, AbsoluteDate target)" in the interface "Propagator"...


09:56 Orekit Revision 3b4bd0cb (orekit-main): Added a provider for time-dependent process noise.
This providers allow users to set up realistic models where the process
noise increases in the along track direction....


10:09 Orekit Revision b7957753 (orekit-main): Removed calls to FastMath.pow in some classes.
The purpose is to avoid this function when possible as it is very slow.


14:57 Orekit Feature #426 (Resolved): ConstantThrustManeuver class - Add the possibility to return the maneuve...
Added in develop branch.
Added getters for all attributes of the ConstantThrustManeuver class.
Also added an attr...
14:40 Orekit Revision f9acdf15 (orekit-main): Merge branch 'issue-426' into develop
14:39 Orekit Revision 14afca25 (orekit-main): Increased visibility of attributes in ConstantThrustManeuver class.
Added getters for all attributes.
Also added an attribute name that allows the differentiation of the
maneuvers, both...

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