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10:08 Orekit Revision 6a41a537 (orekit-main): Avoid cumbersome integers list in GroundStation API.


16:35 Orekit Revision ea32582c (orekit-main): Renamed Angular into AngularAzEl.
This will allow later on to also have AngularRaDec for angular
measurements based on optical telescopes observing spa...
12:24 Orekit Revision be168994 (orekit-main): Implemented field-based getDensity for simple exponential.


19:02 socis 2017 Orekit Revision c602506b: Fixed estimation of DUT1, LOD, Xp and Yp in orbit determination.
17:12 socis 2017 Orekit Revision de5d3232: Prevent infinite loop in parameters observers.
13:41 Rugged Feature #343 (Resolved): Add Danish error messages
Fixed in git repository (see commit:afd74753).
Thanks for the translations!
13:23 Orekit Feature #346 (Resolved): Add Danish error messages
Fixed in git repository (see commit:126d4436).
Thanks for the translations!
13:21 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 126d4436: Added Danish translations.
Thanks to Lars Næsbye Christensen for the translations!
Fixes issue #346.
13:15 socis 2017 Orekit Revision c2421dc7: Updated overview documentation with latest features.
12:59 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 40a4eb18: Typo.

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