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10:45 Orekit Revision 28b749ce (orekit-main): Removed unneeded exceptions in tests.


17:05 Orekit Revision d6d778ae (orekit-main): Cleanup.


18:01 Orekit Bug #365 (Rejected): AbstractGaussianContribution nullPointerException
OK, then I change the status to rejected.
17:20 Orekit Bug #365 (Feedback): AbstractGaussianContribution nullPointerException
I think this report is invalid.
When you call the computeMeanState, you explicitly set the attitudeProvider to null,...
17:07 Orekit Bug #364 (Resolved): osculating to mean computation fails of eccentricity is exactly 0
Fixed in develop branch (commit:7d11700a).
16:45 Orekit Revision f73cd875 (orekit-main): Merge branch 'issue-364' into develop
16:44 Orekit Revision 7d11700a (orekit-main): Fixed a singularity error for perfectly circular orbits.
The error was present in derivatives computations used in DSST third
bodies. The equinoctial elements are stable for ...
14:45 Orekit Bug #363 (Resolved): Bug in DsstPropagator computeMeanState method
Solved in develop branch. See commit:5d3cfd34.
Note, however, that issue #364 has been created for dealing with th...
14:42 Orekit Revision 56187f7d (orekit-main): Merge branch 'issue-363' into develop
14:42 Orekit Revision 5d3cfd34 (orekit-main): Fixed array size computation error.
Fixes issue #363.

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