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15:26 Orekit Bug #462 (New): Cannot compile with JDK 1.8
The commit:f714b8119 introduced a change in the gnss-attitude branch
on April 21 and merged back into develop branch...


22:11 Orekit Revision 9b2936aa (orekit-main): Fixed the number of messages.
22:04 Orekit Revision c9f6bee5 (orekit-main): Notified about the GNSS stuff.
21:48 Orekit Revision 35af0a50 (orekit-main): Merge branch 'gnss-attitude' into develop
21:46 Orekit Revision 733bd2f8 (orekit-main): Finalized tests.
There is still a problem when the Sun crosses the orbital plane during
a noon/midnight turn. This case is rare but do...
20:21 Orekit Revision 6d65d88d (orekit-main): Moved attitude reference files to a sub-folder.
18:42 Orekit Revision 6b29dc6f (orekit-main): Fixed various errors in the GNSS attitude.
The tests almost all work, except for beta crossing cases in Galileo and
11:42 Orekit Revision 475f50bf (orekit-main): Fixed wrong IPRN for Galileo reference data.
10:34 Orekit Revision 672591d8 (orekit-main): Inhibate reference fortran state preservation between calls.
The reference fortran program computes the eclipse times from the first
call within eclipse, and reuses this in subse...


17:45 Orekit Revision 7e4e047c (orekit-main): Easier to understand expression for yaw correction.

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