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09:58 Orekit Bug #329 (Resolved): hipparchus version wrong in pom.xml of Orekit 651f250
Yes, Hipparchus 1.1 was released just a few days ago, so the update was already scheduled.
I have updated the pom (s...
09:51 Rugged Revision 1114174e (rugged-main): Updated copyright year.
09:49 Orekit Revision cd12de19 (orekit-main): Updated copyright year.
09:39 Rugged Revision 8261d123 (rugged-main): Updated dependency to Hipparchus 1.1.
09:35 Orekit Revision ba40939f (orekit-main): Updated dependency to Hipparchus 1.1.


23:24 Orekit website 2015 Revision b0174f2f (website-2015): Added news for Hipparchus 1.1 release.


10:03 Orekit Bug #324: Orekit seems does not consider the lifting force?
I have changed the type of this report from Feature to Bug.
You are perfectly right, we miss one component of the ...


16:13 Orekit Revision 431c64a1 (orekit-main): Fixed inconsistencies in tests involving numerical propagator.
The tolerances for adaptive stepsize integrator should be computed using
the same orbit type used by the propagator.
16:12 Orekit Revision cb0b8f8d (orekit-main): Fixed error in field-based solar radiation pressure.


17:40 Orekit Revision 00cb20b3 (orekit-main): Implemented some missing field functions.

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