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19:25 Orekit Revision 3c339ff7 (orekit-main): Take lift component of the drag force into account.
Fixes issue #324.


17:19 Orekit Bug #338 (Resolved): multiple thrust calibration
Hopefully, it should work now (see commit:d69bc7f1).
17:17 Orekit Revision d69bc7f1 (orekit-main): Fixed a bug introduced by two previous wrong bug fixes.
16:24 Orekit Bug #338 (In Progress): multiple thrust calibration
Reopening the issue, as there is something wrong with the fix.
16:04 Orekit Bug #340 (Resolved): AbsoluteDate.FutureInfinity.toStrint fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Fixed in git repository (see commit:5cf8cefa).
As the problem involved conversion to calendar elements that involv...
15:52 Orekit Revision 584b0183 (orekit-main): Added the reference to the issue number for AbsoluteDate error.
15:44 Orekit Bug #338 (Resolved): multiple thrust calibration
Fixed in git repository (see commit:43713d44).
Thanks for the report.
15:33 Orekit Revision 43713d44 (orekit-main): Added a way to prefix parameters names in maneuvers.
This allows estimating several maneuvers in one orbit determination.
Fixes issue #338
15:05 Orekit Bug #335 (Resolved): Propagators conversion
Fixed in git repository (see commit:01714e22).
In fact, the resetInitialstate was considered unneeded and removed.
15:03 Orekit Revision 01714e22 (orekit-main): Removed reset at end of sample creation.
Fixes issue #335

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