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21:16 Orekit Revision e11b2b05 (orekit-main): Revert "Preparing development for version 9.1."
This reverts commit b711dc228a9930ec8d7ee0298727cc03bc78b3d9.
21:16 Orekit Revision c64ee62e (orekit-main): Revert "Removed spurious exception declaration."
This reverts commit 5870eda4dbb2b5e189defae109c04ec3d9289a51.
21:16 Orekit Revision 99b78ac4 (orekit-main): Revert "update mailmap for fixing commits with wrong mail addres...
This reverts commit ccbbc9475c91adc102a00963aac0d45a7021ee45.
21:16 Orekit Revision a329da62 (orekit-main): Revert "Typo."
This reverts commit 751b0bdb460144599077f060e0e62b26f0c1c5c1.
21:04 Orekit Wiki edit: Guidelines (#4)
21:00 Orekit Wiki edit: Getting_the_sources (#11)
20:58 Orekit Wiki edit: Getting_the_sources (#10)
20:40 Orekit Revision f2576294 (orekit-main): Use a git-flow like branching workflow.
11:07 Orekit Bug #349 (New): ImpulseManeuver does not forward additional states
The resetState method in ImpulseManeuver.Handler that modifies the state to add the
velocity increment does not copy...


19:50 Orekit Revision 22f6da36 (orekit-main): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

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