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16:13 Orekit Revision 431c64a1 (orekit-main): Fixed inconsistencies in tests involving numerical propagator.
The tolerances for adaptive stepsize integrator should be computed using
the same orbit type used by the propagator.
16:12 Orekit Revision cb0b8f8d (orekit-main): Fixed error in field-based solar radiation pressure.


17:40 Orekit Revision 00cb20b3 (orekit-main): Implemented some missing field functions.


11:16 Orekit Bug #262: OEMParser loads NaN accelerations into PVCoordinates creating propagation problems
Perhaps we should directly test for NaNs in the shiftedBy method itself. However, I am on the fence on this: NaN coul...
11:08 Orekit Bug #261: Ephemeris Analytical Propagator (sometimes) fails on event search near boundary
Hi Hank,
I have reviewed the changes and only have one detail and one change to propose.
The detail is to replace...


17:36 Orekit Revision a00a9679 (orekit-main): Improved test coverage.
16:19 Orekit Revision 6cc6044c (orekit-main): Fixed array index errors.
When compiling several Poisson series, not all series have all terms.
For example in the IERS conventions 2010 nutati...
11:33 Orekit Revision e138cbe3 (orekit-main): Improved test coverage.


21:39 Rugged Revision c899956b (rugged-main): Updated to Orekit 9.0 API.
21:39 Rugged Revision e398b0b1 (rugged-main): Fixed checkstyle errors.

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