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15:39 Orekit Wiki edit: SOCIS (#41)


21:28 Orekit Bug #262: OEMParser loads NaN accelerations into PVCoordinates creating propagation problems
I believe this is fixed in commit:5ad7d09 and commit:39a5b1e
Hank, can you confirm this is working as you expect ...
21:16 Orekit Bug #334 (Resolved): OEMFile getFrame() ignores CENTER_NAME
21:16 Orekit Bug #333 (Resolved): OEMParser requires USEABLE_{START,STOP}_TIME
17:32 socis 2017 Orekit Revision f63c4563: Update OEM documentation
17:11 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 015f2672: un-deprecate LocalOrbitalFrame
Just throw a UnsupportedOperationException from the field transform method
instead of trying to compute it. Added som...


16:48 socis 2017 Orekit Revision f3cdcc5b: Merge branch 'oem'
16:11 Orekit Bug #261: Ephemeris Analytical Propagator (sometimes) fails on event search near boundary
I think the extrapolated values should still use the interpolation algorithm so the returned velocity and acceleratio...
15:34 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 39a5b1e9: Use zero for missing values in ephemris files
Change from using NaN to using zero so that shiftedBy() will work better.
Updated the EphemerisFile documentation and...
14:49 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 046e79e9: Merge branch 262-oemparser-NaN-acceleration-error

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