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20:22 Orekit Feature #367 (New): Add covariance to OEM writers
The OEMParser parses covariance matrices in the OEM format, but the writers currently ignore covariances. It would be...


20:44 Orekit Bug #362 (New): FiniteDifferencePropagatorConverter step size is scaled twice
In `FiniteDifferencePropagatorConverter.ObjectiveFunctionJacobian.value(...)` each parameter's scale is used as its s...


21:27 Orekit Bug #361 (New): CCSDS OEMParser IAE for frame "ITRF2008"
Currently OEMParser throws an IAE when the REF_FRAME is ITRF2008. ITRF2008 is not in Annex A of the standard, but Tab...


15:57 Orekit Bug #351 (New): PartialDerivativesEquations does not work with non-Cartesian elements
Using PDE with the propagator's orbitType set to a non-Cartesian value does not produce meaningful results. See the d...
15:34 Orekit Bug #350 (Resolved): Difference in behavior between NumericalPropagator.addForceModel() and Field...
NumericalPropagator np = ...;
np.addForceModel(new NewtonianAttraction(...));
will replace t...


15:39 Orekit Wiki edit: SOCIS (#41)


21:28 Orekit Bug #262: OEMParser loads NaN accelerations into PVCoordinates creating propagation problems
I believe this is fixed in commit:5ad7d09 and commit:39a5b1e
Hank, can you confirm this is working as you expect ...
21:16 Orekit Bug #334 (Resolved): OEMFile getFrame() ignores CENTER_NAME
21:16 Orekit Bug #333 (Resolved): OEMParser requires USEABLE_{START,STOP}_TIME
17:32 socis 2017 Orekit Revision f63c4563: Update OEM documentation

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