Pascal Parraud

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Reported issues: 5


18:01 Orekit Bug #366 (New): potential (small) bug in SolarRadiationPressure
In the SolarRadiationPressure class, the getFieldEventsDetectors method returns an empty Stream while the getEventsDe...


15:46 Orekit Bug #335 (Closed): Propagators conversion
The method convert(Propagator propagator, ...), from the AbstractPropagatorConverter class, throws an OrekitException...


18:55 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 966f16cb: Added test.
17:43 Orekit Bug #257 (Resolved): Error in DSSTPropagator.computeOsculatingOrbit
Thanks for the report and the patch !
The issue affected the static methods computeMeanOrbit and computeOsculatingOr...
17:26 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 5ecce02d: Fixed Bug #257.
14:54 Orekit Bug #255 (Resolved): (JavaDoc small mistake)
Thanks for the report.
Fixed in b7f81d15.
14:39 socis 2017 Orekit Revision b7f81d15: Fixed javadoc


15:07 socis 2017 Orekit Revision fed0d8a0: Fixed javadoc.


17:04 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 40485229: Fixed javadoc.


15:40 socis 2017 Orekit Revision 2d0dba7d: Added JB2008 Atmosphere model.
The JB2008 model, developed by Bruce Bowman & al, is an improved
revision to the JB2006 model based on Jacchia’s diff...

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