Class Maneuver

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ForceModel, EventDetectorsProvider, ParameterDriversProvider
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ConfigurableLowThrustManeuver, ConstantThrustManeuver

    public class Maneuver
    extends Object
    implements ForceModel
    A generic model for maneuvers with finite-valued acceleration magnitude, as opposed to instantaneous changes in the velocity vector which are defined via detectors (in ImpulseManeuver and FieldImpulseManeuver). It contains: - An attitude override, this is the attitude used during the maneuver, it can be different from the one used for propagation; - A maneuver triggers object from the trigger sub-package. It defines the triggers used to start and stop the maneuvers (dates or events for example). - A propulsion model from sub-package propulsion. It defines the thrust or ΔV, isp, flow rate etc.. Both the propulsion model and the maneuver triggers can contain parameter drivers (for estimation). The convention here is that the propulsion model drivers are given before the maneuver triggers when calling the method getParametersDrivers()
    Maxime Journot