Class DSSTBatchLSModel

    • Constructor Detail

      • DSSTBatchLSModel

        public DSSTBatchLSModel​(PropagatorBuilder[] propagatorBuilders,
                                List<ObservedMeasurement<?>> measurements,
                                ParameterDriversList estimatedMeasurementsParameters,
                                ModelObserver observer,
                                PropagationType propagationType)
        Simple constructor.
        propagatorBuilders - builders to use for propagation
        measurements - measurements
        estimatedMeasurementsParameters - estimated measurements parameters
        observer - observer to be notified at model calls
        propagationType - type of the orbit used for the propagation (mean or osculating)
    • Method Detail

      • configureOrbits

        protected Orbit configureOrbits​(MatricesHarvester harvester,
                                        Propagator propagator)
        Configure the current estimated orbits.

        For DSST orbit determination, short period derivatives are also calculated.

        Specified by:
        configureOrbits in class AbstractBatchLSModel
        harvester - harvester for matrices
        propagator - the orbit propagator
        the current estimated orbits