Class AngularRadioRefractionModifier

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EstimationModifier<AngularAzEl>, ParameterDriversProvider

    public class AngularRadioRefractionModifier
    extends Object
    implements EstimationModifier<AngularAzEl>
    Class modifying theoretical angular measurement with ionospheric radio refractive index. A radio ray passing through the lower (non-ionized) layer of the atmosphere undergoes bending caused by the gradient of the relative index. Since the refractive index varies mainly with altitude, only the vertical gradient of the refractive index is considered here. The effect of ionospheric correction on the angular measurement is computed directly through the computation of the apparent elevation angle. Recommendation ITU-R P.453-11 (07/2015) and Recommendation ITU-R P.834-7 (10/2015)
    Thierry Ceolin