Class SP3Parser

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        public static final String SP3_FRAME_CENTER_STRING
        as of 12.1 not used anymore
        String representation of the center of ephemeris coordinate system.
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        Constant Field Values
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      • SP3Parser

        public SP3Parser​(double mu,
                         int interpolationSamples,
                         Function<? super String,​? extends Frame> frameBuilder,
                         TimeScales timeScales)
        Create an SP3 parser and specify the extra information needed to create a Propagator from the ephemeris data.
        mu - is the standard gravitational parameter to use for creating Orbits from the ephemeris data. See Constants.
        interpolationSamples - is the number of samples to use when interpolating.
        frameBuilder - is a function that can construct a frame from an SP3 coordinate system string. The coordinate system can be
        timeScales - the set of time scales used for parsing dates.
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      • guessFrame

        public static Frame guessFrame​(String name)
        as of 12.1, replaced by IGSUtils.guessFrame(String)
        Default string to Frame conversion for SP3Parser().

        This method uses the default data context. If the frame names has a form like IGS##, or ITR##, or SLR##, where ## is a two digits number, then this number will be used to build the appropriate ITRFVersion. Otherwise (for example if name is UNDEF or WGS84), then a default ITRF will be created.

        name - of the frame.
        ITRF based on 2010 conventions, with tidal effects considered during EOP interpolation
      • parse

        public SP3 parse​(DataSource source)
        Description copied from interface: EphemerisFileParser
        Parse an ephemeris file from a data source.
        Specified by:
        parse in interface EphemerisFileParser<SP3>
        source - source providing the data to parse
        a parsed ephemeris file.