Class GlobalPressureTemperatureModel

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    public class GlobalPressureTemperatureModel
    extends GlobalPressureTemperature
    implements WeatherModel
    as of 12.1, replaced by GlobalPressureTemperature
    The Global Pressure and Temperature model. This model is an empirical model that provides the temperature and the pressure depending the latitude and the longitude of the station.

    The Global Pressure and Temperature model is based on spherical harmonics up to degree and order of 9. The residual values ​​of this model can reach 20 hPa for pressure and 10 ° C for temperature. They are significant for higher latitudes and small near the equator (Böhm, 2007)

    Bryan Cazabonne
    See Also:
    "J. Böhm, R. Heinkelmann, and H. Schuh (2007), Short Note: A global model of pressure and temperature for geodetic applications. J Geod, doi:10.1007/s00190-007-0135-3."
    • Constructor Detail

      • GlobalPressureTemperatureModel

        public GlobalPressureTemperatureModel​(double latitude,
                                              double longitude,
                                              Frame bodyFrame,
                                              DataContext dataContext)
        Build a new instance.

        At the initialization the values of the pressure and the temperature are set to NaN. The user has to call weatherParameters(double, AbsoluteDate) method before using the values of the pressure and the temperature.

        latitude - geodetic latitude, in radians
        longitude - geodetic longitude, in radians
        bodyFrame - the frame to attach to the ellipsoid. The origin is at
        dataContext - to use for time and gravity.
    • Method Detail

      • getTemperature

        public double getTemperature()
        Get the atmospheric temperature of the station depending its position.
        the temperature in kelvins
      • getPressure

        public double getPressure()
        Get the atmospheric pressure of the station depending its position.
        the pressure in hPa
      • weatherParameters

        public void weatherParameters​(double height,
                                      AbsoluteDate date)
        Description copied from interface: WeatherModel
        Calculates the weather parameters of the model. In order to obtain the correct values of the parameters this method has to be call just after the construction of the model.
        Specified by:
        weatherParameters in interface WeatherModel
        height - the height of the station in m
        date - current date