Interface EventHandler

    • Method Detail

      • init

        default void init​(SpacecraftState initialState,
                          AbsoluteDate target,
                          EventDetector detector)
        Initialize event handler at the start of a propagation.

        This method is called once at the start of the propagation. It may be used by the event handler to initialize some internal data if needed.

        The default implementation does nothing

        initialState - initial state
        target - target date for the propagation
        detector - event detector related to the event handler
      • eventOccurred

        Action eventOccurred​(SpacecraftState s,
                             EventDetector detector,
                             boolean increasing)
        Handle an event.
        s - SpaceCraft state to be used in the evaluation
        detector - object with appropriate type that can be used in determining correct return state
        increasing - with the event occurred in an "increasing" or "decreasing" slope direction
        the Action that the calling detector should pass back to the evaluation system