Orekit Tutorials Changes

Release History

Version Date Description
10.2 TBD TBD
10.1 2020-02-19 Version 10.1 is the first official separate release of the Orekit Tutorials. Before that the tutorials were embedded in the Orekit library. The version number is 10.1 to follow Orekit version number. This version includes two features. The first is a factorization of common code from numerical and DSST orbit determination. The second is a new tutorial to handle the Data context feature introduced in Orekit. See the list below for a full description of the changes.

Release 10.2 – TBD

Type Changes By
Add Added tutorial for measurement generation and Orekit performance analysis. bryan
Add Added tutorial for Kalman orbit determination. Fixes 5. bryan
Update Improved initialization of orbit determination tutorials. Fixes 4. bryan
Add Added tutorial for GNSS orbit determination. Fixes 3. bryan
Add Added tutorial for Rinex observation file reading. Fixes 2. bryan
Add Added CR3BP tutorials implemented by Vincent Mouraux. bryan

Release 10.1 – 2020-02-19

Type Changes By
Update Updated Checkstyle configuration and plugin version. Updated copyright years. Fixed SpotBugs warnings. maxime
Add Added tutorial for Data context loading. luc
Update Synchronized tutorials description and code. luc
Update Factored common code from numerical and DSST orbit determination. luc
Add Created separate project from Orekit 10.0 tutorials. luc