Class CRD.CalibrationDetail

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    public static class CRD.CalibrationDetail
    extends CRD.Calibration
    Calibration Detail Record.
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      • CalibrationDetail

        public CalibrationDetail​(AbsoluteDate date,
                                 int typeOfData,
                                 String systemConfigurationId,
                                 int numberOfPointsRecorded,
                                 int numberOfPointsUsed,
                                 double oneWayDistance,
                                 double systemDelay,
                                 double delayShift,
                                 double rms,
                                 double skew,
                                 double kurtosis,
                                 double peakMinusMean,
                                 int typeIndicator,
                                 int shiftTypeIndicator,
                                 int detectorChannel,
                                 int span,
                                 double returnRate)
        date - data epoch
        typeOfData - type of data
        systemConfigurationId - system configuration id
        numberOfPointsRecorded - number of data points recorded
        numberOfPointsUsed - number of data points used
        oneWayDistance - one-way target distance (nominal)
        systemDelay - calibration system delay
        delayShift - calibration delay shift - a measure of calibration stability
        rms - RMS of raw system delay
        skew - skew of raw system delay values from the mean.
        kurtosis - kurtosis of raw system delay values from the mean.
        peakMinusMean - system delay peak – mean value
        typeIndicator - calibration type indicator
        shiftTypeIndicator - calibration shift type indicator
        detectorChannel - detector channel
        span - calibration span
        returnRate - return rate (%)