Class FactoryManagedFrame

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    public class FactoryManagedFrame
    extends Frame
    Base class for the predefined frames that are managed by Frames.
    Luc Maisonobe
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    • Constructor Detail

      • FactoryManagedFrame

        public FactoryManagedFrame​(Frame parent,
                                   TransformProvider transformProvider,
                                   boolean pseudoInertial,
                                   Predefined factoryKey)
        Simple constructor.
        parent - parent frame (must be non-null)
        transformProvider - provider for transform from parent frame to instance
        pseudoInertial - true if frame is considered pseudo-inertial (i.e. suitable for propagating orbit)
        factoryKey - key of the frame within the factory
    • Method Detail

      • getFactoryKey

        public Predefined getFactoryKey()
        Get the key of the frame within the factory.
        key of the frame within the factory