Class ITRFVersionLoader

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    public class ITRFVersionLoader
    extends Object
    implements ItrfVersionProvider
    Loader for ITRF version configuration file.

    The ITRF version configuration file specifies the ITRF versions that each type of Earth Orientation Parameter file contains for each date. This configuration file is used to interpret EOP C04 files, Bulletin A files, Bulletin B files, rapid data and prediction files in columns format files, rapid data and prediction files in XML format files...

    This file is an Orekit-specific configuration file.

    This class is immutable and hence thread-safe

    Luc Maisonobe
    See Also:
    EopC04FilesLoader, BulletinAFilesLoader, BulletinBFilesLoader, RapidDataAndPredictionColumnsLoader, EopXmlLoader