Class InterpolatingTransformProvider

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, TransformProvider

    public class InterpolatingTransformProvider
    extends Object
    implements TransformProvider
    Transform provider using thread-safe interpolation on transforms sample.

    The interpolation is a polynomial Hermite interpolation, which can either use or ignore the derivatives provided by the raw provider. This means that simple raw providers that do not compute derivatives can be used, the derivatives will be added appropriately by the interpolation process.

    Luc Maisonobe
    See Also:
    GenericTimeStampedCache, ShiftingTransformProvider, Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • InterpolatingTransformProvider

        public InterpolatingTransformProvider​(TransformProvider rawProvider,
                                              CartesianDerivativesFilter cFilter,
                                              AngularDerivativesFilter aFilter,
                                              int gridPoints,
                                              double step,
                                              int maxSlots,
                                              double maxSpan,
                                              double newSlotInterval)
        Simple constructor.
        rawProvider - provider for raw (non-interpolated) transforms
        cFilter - filter for derivatives from the sample to use in interpolation
        aFilter - filter for derivatives from the sample to use in interpolation
        gridPoints - number of interpolation grid points
        step - grid points time step
        maxSlots - maximum number of independent cached time slots in the time-stamped cache
        maxSpan - maximum duration span in seconds of one slot in the time-stamped cache
        newSlotInterval - time interval above which a new slot is created in the time-stamped cache
    • Method Detail

      • getRawProvider

        public TransformProvider getRawProvider()
        Get the underlying provider for raw (non-interpolated) transforms.
        provider for raw (non-interpolated) transforms
      • getGridPoints

        public int getGridPoints()
        Get the number of interpolation grid points.
        number of interpolation grid points
      • getStep

        public double getStep()
        Get the grid points time step.
        grid points time step