Class YUMAParser

    • Constructor Detail

      • YUMAParser

        public YUMAParser​(String supportedNames,
                          DataProvidersManager dataProvidersManager,
                          TimeScales timeScales)
        Create a YUMA loader/parser with the given source for YUMA auxiliary data files.

        This constructor does not load any data by itself. Data must be loaded later on by calling one of the loadData() method or the loadData(inputStream, fileName) method.

        The supported files names are used when getting data from the loadData() method that relies on the dataProvidersManager. They are useless when getting data from the loadData(input, name) method.

        supportedNames - regular expression for supported files names (if null, a default pattern matching files with a ".alm" extension will be used)
        dataProvidersManager - provides access to auxiliary data.
        timeScales - to use when parsing the GPS dates.
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    • Method Detail

      • loadData

        public void loadData()
        Loads almanacs.

        The almanacs already loaded in the instance will be discarded and replaced by the newly loaded data.

        This feature is useful when the file selection is already set up by the data providers manager configuration.

      • stillAcceptsData

        public boolean stillAcceptsData()
        Description copied from interface: DataLoader
        Check if the loader still accepts new data.

        This method is used to speed up data loading by interrupting crawling the data sets as soon as a loader has found the data it was waiting for. For loaders that can merge data from any number of sources (for example JPL ephemerides or Earth Orientation Parameters that are split among several files), this method should always return true to make sure no data is left over.

        Specified by:
        stillAcceptsData in interface DataLoader
        true while the loader still accepts new data
      • getPRNNumbers

        public List<Integer> getPRNNumbers()
        Gets the PRN numbers of all the GPS almanacs read from the file.
        the PRN numbers of all the GPS almanacs read from the file