Class DtcDataLoader

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    public class DtcDataLoader
    extends Object
    implements DataLoader
    This class reads solar activity data from DTCFILE files for the class JB2008SpaceEnvironmentData. The code in this class is based of the CssiSpaceWeatherDataLoader class. The DTCFILE file contain pre-computed data from Space Environment using the Dst indices as well as Ap indices. This computation can be realised using the Fortran code provided by Space Environment Technologies. See this link for more information.

    The data is provided by Space Environment Technologies through their website Link.

    The work done for this class is based on the CssiSpaceWeatherDataLoader class by Clément Jonglez, the JB2008 interface by Pascal Parraud, and corrections for DataLoader implementation by Bryan Cazabonne and Evan Ward .
    Louis Aucouturier
    • Constructor Detail

      • DtcDataLoader

        public DtcDataLoader​(TimeScale utc)
        utc - UTC time scale
    • Method Detail

      • getMinDate

        public AbsoluteDate getMinDate()
        Gets the available data range minimum date.
        the minimum date.
      • getMaxDate

        public AbsoluteDate getMaxDate()
        Gets the available data range maximum date.
        the maximum date.
      • stillAcceptsData

        public boolean stillAcceptsData()
        Check if the loader still accepts new data.

        This method is used to speed up data loading by interrupting crawling the data sets as soon as a loader has found the data it was waiting for. For loaders that can merge data from any number of sources (for example JPL ephemerides or Earth Orientation Parameters that are split among several files), this method should always return true to make sure no data is left over.

        Specified by:
        stillAcceptsData in interface DataLoader
        true while the loader still accepts new data