Class MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimationLoader

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    public class MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimationLoader
    extends AbstractSolarActivityDataLoader<MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimationLoader.LineParameters>
    This class reads solar activity data needed by atmospheric models: F107 solar flux, Ap and Kp indexes.

    The data are retrieved through the NASA Marshall Solar Activity Future Estimation (MSAFE) as estimates of monthly F10.7 Mean solar flux and Ap geomagnetic parameter. The data can be retrieved at the NASA Marshall Solar Activity website. Here Kp indices are deduced from Ap indexes, which in turn are tabulated equivalent of retrieved Ap values.

    If several MSAFE files are available, some dates may appear in several files (for example August 2007 is in all files from the first one published in March 1999 to the February 2008 file). In this case, the data from the most recent file is used and the older ones are discarded. The date of the file is assumed to be 6 months after its first entry (which explains why the file having August 2007 as its first entry is the February 2008 file). This implies that MSAFE files must not be edited to change their time span, otherwise this would break the old entries overriding mechanism.


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