Class GLONASSAnalyticalPropagator

    • Method Detail

      • propagateInEcef

        public PVCoordinates propagateInEcef​(AbsoluteDate date)
        Gets the PVCoordinates of the GLONASS SV in ECEF frame.

        The algorithm is defined at Appendix M.1 from GLONASS Interface Control Document, with automatic differentiation added to compute velocity and acceleration.

        date - the computation date
        the GLONASS SV PVCoordinates in ECEF frame
      • getMU

        public static double getMU()
        Get the Earth gravity coefficient used for GLONASS propagation.
        the Earth gravity coefficient.
      • getGLONASSOrbitalElements

        public GLONASSOrbitalElements getGLONASSOrbitalElements()
        Gets the underlying GLONASS orbital elements.
        the underlying GLONASS orbital elements
      • getECI

        public Frame getECI()
        Gets the Earth Centered Inertial frame used to propagate the orbit.
        the ECI frame
      • getECEF

        public Frame getECEF()
        Gets the Earth Centered Earth Fixed frame used to propagate GLONASS orbits.
        the ECEF frame
      • resetIntermediateState

        protected void resetIntermediateState​(SpacecraftState state,
                                              boolean forward)
        Reset an intermediate state.
        Specified by:
        resetIntermediateState in class AbstractAnalyticalPropagator
        state - new intermediate state to consider
        forward - if true, the intermediate state is valid for propagations after itself