Class GNSSPropagator

    • Method Detail

      • getECI

        public Frame getECI()
        Gets the Earth Centered Inertial frame used to propagate the orbit.
        the ECI frame
      • getECEF

        public Frame getECEF()
        Gets the Earth Centered Earth Fixed frame used to propagate GNSS orbits according to the Interface Control Document.
        the ECEF frame
      • getMU

        public double getMU()
        Gets the Earth gravity coefficient used for GNSS propagation.
        the Earth gravity coefficient.
      • getOrbitalElements

        public GNSSOrbitalElements getOrbitalElements()
        Get the underlying GNSS orbital elements.
        the underlying GNSS orbital elements
      • propagateInEcef

        public PVCoordinates propagateInEcef​(AbsoluteDate date)
        Gets the PVCoordinates of the GNSS SV in ECEF frame.

        The algorithm uses automatic differentiation to compute velocity and acceleration.

        date - the computation date
        the GNSS SV PVCoordinates in ECEF frame
      • resetIntermediateState

        protected void resetIntermediateState​(SpacecraftState state,
                                              boolean forward)
        Reset an intermediate state.
        Specified by:
        resetIntermediateState in class AbstractAnalyticalPropagator
        state - new intermediate state to consider
        forward - if true, the intermediate state is valid for propagations after itself