Class IntegratedEphemeris

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BoundedPropagator, Propagator, PVCoordinatesProvider

    public class IntegratedEphemeris
    extends AbstractAnalyticalPropagator
    implements BoundedPropagator
    This class stores sequentially generated orbital parameters for later retrieval.

    Instances of this class are built automatically when the getEphemerisGenerator method has been called. They are created when propagation is over. Random access to any intermediate state of the orbit throughout the propagation range is possible afterwards through this object.

    A typical use case is for numerically integrated orbits, which can be used by algorithms that need to wander around according to their own algorithm without cumbersome tight links with the integrator.

    As this class implements the Propagator interface, it can itself be used in batch mode to build another instance of the same type. This is however not recommended since it would be a waste of resources.

    Note that this class stores all intermediate states along with interpolation models, so it may be memory intensive.

    Mathieu Roméro, Luc Maisonobe, Véronique Pommier-Maurussane
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