Class AGILeapSecondFilesLoader

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        public static final String DEFAULT_SUPPORTED_NAMES
        Default supported files name pattern.
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      • AGILeapSecondFilesLoader

        public AGILeapSecondFilesLoader​(String supportedNames,
                                        DataProvidersManager manager)
        Build a loader for LeapSecond.dat file from AGI.
        supportedNames - regular expression for supported files names
        manager - provides access to the tai-utc.dat file.
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      • loadOffsets

        public List<OffsetModel> loadOffsets()
        Load UTC-TAI offsets entries.
        Specified by:
        loadOffsets in interface UTCTAIOffsetsLoader
        sorted UTC-TAI offsets entries (if the linear offsets used prior to 1972 are missing, they will be inserted automatically)