Class UTCTAIBulletinAFilesLoader

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    public class UTCTAIBulletinAFilesLoader
    extends AbstractSelfFeedingLoader
    implements UTCTAIOffsetsLoader
    Loader for UTC-TAI extracted from bulletin A files.

    This class is a modified version of BulletinAFileLoader that only parses the TAI-UTC header line and checks the UT1-UTC column for discontinuities.

    Note that extracting UTC-TAI from bulletin A files is NOT recommended. There are known issues in some past bulletin A (for example bulletina-xix-001.txt from 2006-01-05 has a wrong year for last leap second and bulletina-xxi-053.txt from 2008-12-31 has an off by one value for TAI-UTC on MJD 54832). This is a known problem, and the Earth Orientation Department at USNO told us this TAI-UTC data was only provided as a convenience and this data should rather be sourced from other official files. As the bulletin A files are a record of past publications, they cannot modify archived bulletins, hence the errors above will remain forever. This UTC-TAI loader should therefore be used with great care.

    This class is immutable and hence thread-safe

    Luc Maisonobe
    • Constructor Detail

      • UTCTAIBulletinAFilesLoader

        public UTCTAIBulletinAFilesLoader​(String supportedNames)
        Build a loader for IERS bulletins A files. This constructor uses the default data context.
        supportedNames - regular expression for supported files names
      • UTCTAIBulletinAFilesLoader

        public UTCTAIBulletinAFilesLoader​(String supportedNames,
                                          DataProvidersManager manager)
        Build a loader for IERS bulletins A files.
        supportedNames - regular expression for supported files names
        manager - provides access to the bulletin A files.
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      • loadOffsets

        public List<OffsetModel> loadOffsets()
        Load UTC-TAI offsets entries.
        Specified by:
        loadOffsets in interface UTCTAIOffsetsLoader
        sorted UTC-TAI offsets entries (if the linear offsets used prior to 1972 are missing, they will be inserted automatically)