Class DateDriver

    • Constructor Detail

      • DateDriver

        public DateDriver​(AbsoluteDate base,
                          String name,
                          boolean start)
        Simple constructor.

        At construction, the parameter is configured as not selected, the reference date is set to null, the value (i.e. the date offset) is set to 0, the scale is set to 1 and the minimum and maximum values are set to negative and positive infinity respectively.

        base - base date corresponding to shift = 0
        name - name of the parameter
        start - if true, the driver corresponds to a start date
    • Method Detail

      • getBaseDate

        public AbsoluteDate getBaseDate()
        Get the base (unshifted) date.
        base (unshifted) date
      • isStart

        public boolean isStart()
        Check if driver corresponds to a start date.
        true if driver corresponds to a start date