2023-09-05  Petrus Hyvönen is now an official Orekit committer!

The Orekit team is pleased to announce that Petrus Hyvönen (@petrus.hyvonen) is now an official committer.

This is long overdue since Petrus is well-known to our community and has enormously contributed to its extension.
He’s been the creator and maintainer of the Orekit Python Wrapper since 2014!
He has also been a member of the Project Management Committee since 2018.

Petrus is head of engineering at the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) division for satellite management services, which provides connectivity to spacecraft around Earth and beyond.
He has a background in spacecraft design and enjoys computer programming.

As per Orekit governance rules and given his outstanding contribution to the project, the Project Management Committee has recently granted commit rights to Petrus.

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