Class FrameFacade

  • public class FrameFacade
    extends Object
    Facade in front of several frames types in CCSDS messages.
    Luc Maisonobe, Vincent Cucchietti
    • Constructor Detail

      • FrameFacade

        public FrameFacade​(Frame frame,
                           CelestialBodyFrame celestialBodyFrame,
                           OrbitRelativeFrame orbitRelativeFrame,
                           SpacecraftBodyFrame spacecraftBodyFrame,
                           String name)
        Simple constructor.

        At most one of celestialBodyFrame, orbitRelativeFrame or spacecraftBodyFrame may be non null. They may all be null if frame is unknown, in which case only the name will be available.

        frame - reference to node in Orekit frames tree (may be null)
        celestialBodyFrame - reference to celestial body centered frame (may be null)
        orbitRelativeFrame - reference to orbit-relative frame (may be null)
        spacecraftBodyFrame - reference to spacecraft body frame (may be null)
        name - name of the frame
    • Method Detail

      • asFrame

        public Frame asFrame()
        Get the associated frame tree node.
        associated frame tree node, or null if none exists
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Get the CCSDS name for the frame.
        CCSDS name
      • map

        public static FrameFacade map​(Frame frame)
        Map an Orekit frame to a CCSDS frame facade.
        frame - a reference frame.
        the CCSDS frame corresponding to the Orekit frame
      • parse

        public static FrameFacade parse​(String name,
                                        IERSConventions conventions,
                                        boolean simpleEOP,
                                        DataContext dataContext,
                                        boolean allowCelestial,
                                        boolean allowOrbit,
                                        boolean allowSpacecraft)
        Simple constructor.
        name - name of the frame
        conventions - IERS conventions to use
        simpleEOP - if true, tidal effects are ignored when interpolating EOP
        dataContext - to use when creating the frame
        allowCelestial - if true, CelestialBodyFrame are allowed
        allowOrbit - if true, OrbitRelativeFrame are allowed
        allowSpacecraft - if true, SpacecraftBodyFrame are allowed
        frame facade corresponding to the CCSDS name