Class FieldOrbitBlender<KK extends CalculusFieldElement<KK>>

  • Type Parameters:
    KK - type of field element
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class FieldOrbitBlender<KK extends CalculusFieldElement<KK>>
    extends AbstractFieldOrbitInterpolator<KK>
    Orbit blender.

    Its purpose is to interpolate orbit state between tabulated orbit states using the concept of blending, exposed in : "Efficient Covariance Interpolation using Blending of Approximate State Error Transitions" by Sergei Tanygin, and applying it to orbit states instead of covariances.

    It propagates tabulated values to the interpolating time using given analytical propagator and then blend each propagated states using a smoothstep function. It gives especially good results as explained here compared to Hermite interpolation when time steps between tabulated values get significant (In LEO, > 10 mn for example).

    Vincent Cucchietti
    See Also:
    SmoothStepFactory, SmoothStepFactory.FieldSmoothStepFunction