Class LibrationOrbit

    • Constructor Detail

      • LibrationOrbit

        protected LibrationOrbit​(CR3BPSystem system,
                                 PVCoordinates initialPV,
                                 double orbitalPeriod)
        system - CR3BP System considered
        initialPV - initial position on a libration Orbit
        orbitalPeriod - initial orbital period of the libration Orbit
    • Method Detail

      • getOrbitalPeriod

        public double getOrbitalPeriod()
        Return the orbital period of the libration orbit.
        orbitalPeriod orbital period of the libration orbit
      • getInitialPV

        public PVCoordinates getInitialPV()
        Return the initialPV on the libration orbit.

        This will return the exact initialPV only if you applied a prior differential correction. If you did not, you can use the method applyCorrectionOnPV(CR3BPDifferentialCorrection)

        initialPV initialPV on the libration orbit
      • applyDifferentialCorrection

        public void applyDifferentialCorrection()
        Apply differential correction.

        This will update initialPV and orbitalPeriod parameters.

      • getManifolds

        public PVCoordinates getManifolds​(SpacecraftState s,
                                          boolean isStable)
        Return a manifold direction from one position on a libration Orbit.
        s - SpacecraftState with additional equations
        isStable - true if the manifold is stable
        manifold first guess Position-Velocity of a point on the libration Orbit
      • applyCorrectionOnPV

        protected abstract PVCoordinates applyCorrectionOnPV​(CR3BPDifferentialCorrection diff)
        Apply the differential correction to compute more accurate initial PV.
        diff - cr3bp differential correction
        corrected PV coordinates