Class LyapunovOrbit

  • public class LyapunovOrbit
    extends LibrationOrbit
    Class calculating different parameters of a Lyapunov Orbit.
    Vincent Mouraux
    • Constructor Detail

      • LyapunovOrbit

        public LyapunovOrbit​(CR3BPSystem syst,
                             PVCoordinates pv,
                             double orbitalPeriod)
        Simple Constructor.

        This constructor can be used if the user wants to use a first guess from any other sources or if he has the initial conditions of a well defined Lyapunov Orbit. In that case, it is assumed that the user knows the characteristics of the Lyapunov Orbit leading to this first guess/point. Also, the orbital period of this Lyapunov Orbit has to be specified for further computation.

        syst - CR3BP System considered
        pv - PVCoordinates of the initial point or of the first guess
        orbitalPeriod - Normalized orbital period linked to the given Lyapunov Orbit first guess
      • LyapunovOrbit

        public LyapunovOrbit​(RichardsonExpansion richardson,
                             double ay)
        Simple Constructor.

        Standard constructor, the first guess will be computed with both start time and phase equal to zero.

        richardson - third-Order Richardson Expansion
        ay - y-axis amplitude of the required Lyapunov Orbit, meters