Class BistaticRangeRate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable<ComparableMeasurement>, ComparableMeasurement, ObservedMeasurement<BistaticRangeRate>, TimeStamped, ParameterDriversProvider

    public class BistaticRangeRate
    extends GroundReceiverMeasurement<BistaticRangeRate>
    Class modeling a bistatic range rate measurement using an emitter ground station and a receiver ground station.

    The measurement is considered to be a signal:

    • Emitted from the emitter ground station
    • Reflected on the spacecraft
    • Received on the receiver ground station
    The date of the measurement corresponds to the reception on ground of the reflected signal. The quantity measured at the receiver is the bistatic radial velocity as the sum of the radial velocities with respect to the two stations.

    The motion of the stations and the spacecraft during the signal flight time are taken into account.

    The Doppler measurement can be obtained by multiplying the velocity by (fe/c), where fe is the emission frequency.

    Pascal Parraud