Class FDOA

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable<ComparableMeasurement>, ComparableMeasurement, ObservedMeasurement<FDOA>, TimeStamped, ParameterDriversProvider

    public class FDOA
    extends GroundReceiverMeasurement<FDOA>
    Class modeling a Frequency Difference of Arrival measurement with a satellite as emitter and two ground stations as receivers.

    FDOA measures the difference in signal arrival frequency between the emitter and receivers, corresponding to a difference in range-rate from the two receivers to the emitter.

    The date of the measurement corresponds to the reception of the signal by the prime station. The measurement corresponds to the frequency of the signal received at the prime station at the date of the measurement minus the frequency of the signal received at the second station: fdoa = f1 - f2

    The motion of the stations and the satellite during the signal flight time are taken into account.

    Mark Rutten
    • Constructor Detail

      • FDOA

        public FDOA​(GroundStation primeStation,
                    GroundStation secondStation,
                    double centreFrequency,
                    AbsoluteDate date,
                    double fdoa,
                    double sigma,
                    double baseWeight,
                    ObservableSatellite satellite)
        Simple constructor.
        primeStation - ground station that gives the date of the measurement
        secondStation - ground station that gives the measurement
        centreFrequency - satellite emitter frequency
        date - date of the measurement
        fdoa - observed value (s)
        sigma - theoretical standard deviation
        baseWeight - base weight
        satellite - satellite related to this measurement