Class RangeRate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable<ComparableMeasurement>, ComparableMeasurement, ObservedMeasurement<RangeRate>, TimeStamped, ParameterDriversProvider

    public class RangeRate
    extends GroundReceiverMeasurement<RangeRate>
    Class modeling one-way or two-way range rate measurement between two vehicles. One-way range rate (or Doppler) measurements generally apply to specific satellites (e.g. GNSS, DORIS), where a signal is transmitted from a satellite to a measuring station. Two-way range rate measurements are applicable to any system. The signal is transmitted to the (non-spinning) satellite and returned by a transponder (or reflected back)to the same measuring station. The Doppler measurement can be obtained by multiplying the velocity by (fe/c), where fe is the emission frequency.
    Thierry Ceolin, Joris Olympio