Class ContinuousScheduler<T extends ObservedMeasurement<T>>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the type of the measurement
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    public class ContinuousScheduler<T extends ObservedMeasurement<T>>
    extends AbstractScheduler<T>
    Scheduler generating measurements sequences continuously.

    Continuous schedulers continuously generate measurements following a repetitive pattern. The repetitive pattern can be either a continuous stream of measurements separated by a constant step (for example one measurement every 60s), or several sequences of measurements at high rate up to a maximum number, with a rest period between sequences (for example sequences of up to 256 measurements every 100ms with 300s between each sequence).

    Luc Maisonobe
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContinuousScheduler

        public ContinuousScheduler​(MeasurementBuilder<T> builder,
                                   DatesSelector selector)
        Simple constructor.

        BEWARE! Dates selectors often store internally the last selected dates, so they are not reusable across several instances. A separate selector should be used for each scheduler.

        builder - builder for individual measurements
        selector - selector for dates (beware that selectors are generally not reusable across several instances, each selector should be dedicated to one scheduler