Class OneWayGNSSRange

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable<ComparableMeasurement>, ComparableMeasurement, ObservedMeasurement<OneWayGNSSRange>, TimeStamped, ParameterDriversProvider

    public class OneWayGNSSRange
    extends AbstractOneWayGNSSMeasurement<OneWayGNSSRange>
    One-way GNSS range measurement.

    This class can be used in precise orbit determination applications for modeling a range measurement between a GNSS satellite (emitter) and a LEO satellite (receiver).

    The one-way GNSS range measurement assumes knowledge of the orbit and the clock offset of the emitting GNSS satellite. For instance, it is possible to use a SP3 file or a GNSS navigation message to recover the satellite's orbit and clock.

    This class is very similar to InterSatellitesRange measurement class. However, using the one-way GNSS range measurement, the orbit and clock of the emitting GNSS satellite are NOT estimated simultaneously with LEO satellite coordinates.

    Bryan Cazabonne