Class SP3Coordinate

    • Field Detail

      • DUMMY

        public static final SP3Coordinate DUMMY
        Dummy coordinate with all fields set to 0.0.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SP3Coordinate

        public SP3Coordinate​(AbsoluteDate date,
                             Vector3D position,
                             Vector3D positionAccuracy,
                             Vector3D velocity,
                             Vector3D velocityAccuracy,
                             double clock,
                             double clockAccuracy,
                             double clockRate,
                             double clockRateAccuracy,
                             boolean clockEvent,
                             boolean clockPrediction,
                             boolean orbitManeuverEvent,
                             boolean orbitPrediction)
        Create a coordinate with position and velocity.
        date - of validity.
        position - of the satellite.
        positionAccuracy - of the satellite (null if not known).
        velocity - of the satellite.
        velocityAccuracy - of the satellite (null if not known).
        clock - correction in s.
        clockAccuracy - correction in s (Double.NaN if not known).
        clockRate - in s / s.
        clockRateAccuracy - in s / s (Double.NaN if not known).
        clockEvent - clock event flag
        clockPrediction - clock prediction flag
        orbitManeuverEvent - orbit maneuver event flag
        orbitPrediction - flag
    • Method Detail

      • getClockCorrection

        public double getClockCorrection()
        Get the clock correction value.
        the clock correction in s.
      • getClockRateChange

        public double getClockRateChange()
        Get the clock rate.
        the clock rate of change in s/s.
      • getPositionAccuracy

        public Vector3D getPositionAccuracy()
        Get the position accuracy.
        position accuracy in m (null if not known).
      • getVelocityAccuracy

        public Vector3D getVelocityAccuracy()
        Get the velocity accuracy.
        velocity accuracy in m/s (null if not known).
      • getClockAccuracy

        public double getClockAccuracy()
        Get the clock accuracy.
        clock accuracy in s (Double.NaN if not known).
      • getClockRateAccuracy

        public double getClockRateAccuracy()
        Get the clock rate accuracy.
        clock rate accuracy in s/s (Double.NaN if not known).
      • hasClockEvent

        public boolean hasClockEvent()
        Get clock event flag.
        true if clock event flag is set
      • hasClockPrediction

        public boolean hasClockPrediction()
        Get clock prediction flag.
        true if clock prediction flag is set
      • hasOrbitManeuverEvent

        public boolean hasOrbitManeuverEvent()
        Get orbit maneuver event flag.
        true if orbit maneuver event flag is set
      • hasOrbitPrediction

        public boolean hasOrbitPrediction()
        Get orbit prediction flag.
        true if orbit prediction flag is set