Class FieldStopOnEvent<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>

    • Constructor Detail

      • FieldStopOnEvent

        public FieldStopOnEvent()
        Empty constructor.

        This constructor is not strictly necessary, but it prevents spurious javadoc warnings with JDK 18 and later.

    • Method Detail

      • eventOccurred

        public Action eventOccurred​(FieldSpacecraftState<T> s,
                                    FieldEventDetector<T> detector,
                                    boolean increasing)
        Specific implementation of the eventOccurred interface.
        Specified by:
        eventOccurred in interface FieldEventHandler<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>
        s - SpaceCraft state to be used in the evaluation
        detector - object with appropriate type that can be used in determining correct return state
        increasing - with the event occurred in an "increasing" or "decreasing" slope direction
        stop under all circumstances