Class AbstractGaussianContribution

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventDetectorsProvider, DSSTForceModel, ParameterDriversProvider
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    DSSTAtmosphericDrag, DSSTSolarRadiationPressure

    public abstract class AbstractGaussianContribution
    extends Object
    implements DSSTForceModel
    Common handling of DSSTForceModel methods for Gaussian contributions to DSST propagation.

    This abstract class allows to provide easily a subset of DSSTForceModel methods for specific Gaussian contributions.

    This class implements the notion of numerical averaging of the DSST theory. Numerical averaging is mainly used for non-conservative disturbing forces such as atmospheric drag and solar radiation pressure.

    Gaussian contributions can be expressed as: dai/dt = δai/δv . q

    • ai are the six equinoctial elements
    • v is the velocity vector
    • q is the perturbing acceleration due to the considered force

    The averaging process and other considerations lead to integrate this contribution over the true longitude L possibly taking into account some limits.

    To create a numerically averaged contribution, one needs only to provide a ForceModel and to implement in the derived class the methods: getLLimits(SpacecraftState, AuxiliaryElements) and getParametersDriversWithoutMu().

    Pascal Parraud, Bryan Cazabonne (field translation)