Interface FieldShortPeriodTerms<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>

    • Method Detail

      • value

        T[] value​(FieldOrbit<T> meanOrbit)
        Evaluate the contributions of the short period terms.
        meanOrbit - mean orbit to which the short period contribution applies
        short period terms contributions
      • getCoefficientsKeyPrefix

        String getCoefficientsKeyPrefix()
        Get the prefix for short period coefficients keys.

        This prefix is used to identify the coefficients of the current force model from the coefficients pertaining to other force models. All the keys in the map returned by getCoefficients(FieldAbsoluteDate, Set) start with this prefix, which must be unique among all providers.

        the prefix for short periodic coefficients keys
        See Also:
        getCoefficients(FieldAbsoluteDate, Set)
      • getCoefficients

        Map<String,​T[]> getCoefficients​(FieldAbsoluteDate<T> date,
                                              Set<String> selected)
        Computes the coefficients involved in the contributions.

        This method is intended mainly for validation purposes. Its output is highly dependent on the implementation details in each force model and may change from version to version. It is not recommended to use it for any operational purposes.

        date - current date
        selected - set of coefficients that should be put in the map (empty set means all coefficients are selected)
        the selected coefficients of the short periodic variations, in a map where all keys start with getCoefficientsKeyPrefix()