Class ModifiedSaastamoinenModel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DiscreteTroposphericModel, TroposphericModel, ParameterDriversProvider
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    public class ModifiedSaastamoinenModel
    extends Object
    implements TroposphericModel, DiscreteTroposphericModel
    The modified Saastamoinen model. Estimates the path delay imposed to electro-magnetic signals by the troposphere according to the formula:
     δ = 2.277e-3 / cos z * (P + (1255 / T + 0.05) * e - B * tan² z) + δR
    with the following input data provided to the model:
    • z: zenith angle
    • P: atmospheric pressure
    • T: temperature
    • e: partial pressure of water vapour
    • B, δR: correction terms

    The model supports custom δR correction terms to be read from a configuration file (saastamoinen-correction.txt) via the DataProvidersManager.

    Thomas Neidhart
    See Also:
    "Guochang Xu, GPS - Theory, Algorithms and Applications, Springer, 2007"